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Sunset Window Cleaning offers luxury premium window cleaning to all of our clients. We take pride in our detailed and professional workmanship and it shows. 

Modernly Professional

From our latest innovative equipment, clean uniformed techs, to our electronic administration system, we pride ourselves in keeping business professional and modern. 

Friendly Team

Call us the "Happy Window Cleaners!" You will speak with a friendly, enthusiastic tech who always strives to provide the best service, for YOU!


"I never realized the importance of a good window cleaning til after we got our entire home windows cleaned inside and out. Sunset windows were punctual and very thorough and included a job completion checklist that listed everything that was done. After the cleaning the home felt so much brighter and the windows looked brand new. We would highly recommend Joseph and Natasha!!"



Residential Services

Everyone loves a bright, happy, and inviting home. One of the best ways to achieve that is with spotless windows. No doubt, you take a lot of pride in your beautiful home. Having glistening, clean windows year round not only makes you feel amazing, but adds an element of attractiveness for neighbors, and those who you invite to your home. Life is filled with many anxieties, and we often find ourselves having no time for anything but work and family. Our mission involves doing all we can to help ease that stress. Work with us, and we’ll create a personal plan for you, so that your windows are always looking their absolute best.


Meet The Team

Joseph Brown - Co-Owner

Joseph, born and raised in the Durham Region, worked as a window cleaner in 2012 in both the residential and commercial sector. Taking the knowledge and experience with him, Joseph created Sunset Window Cleaning. From the start, his mission has been to change the stereotypical “window cleaner” persona and introduce a modern, professional edge by promoting new and innovative technologies in the window cleaning field. Client relationships are considered top priority for Sunset Window Cleaning. The most important thing for Joseph is to create a comfortable, natural environment for the homeowner, while always being treated with deep respect and an enthusiastic positive attitude. 

Natasha Brown - Co-Owner

Natasha, born and raised in the Durham Region, is currently an active volunteer in the community. With previous experience as an entrepreneur in the service based industry, Natasha is the perfect partner for Sunset Window Cleaning. Customer service comes naturally to her, and she loves to enhance the customer experience. Natasha is always on the lookout for new, innovative technology that will continually increase our shine factor. She spends much time exploring the latest products, tools, and techniques, to continue to offer a safe working environment, enabling us to be an industry leader in quality window cleaning.

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